What Work History Questions Are Asked At The Social Security Disability Hearing?

At the Social Security disability hearing either the judge or your attorney will ask you the following general questions regarding your work history such as-

Are you currently working?
Full-time or part-time?
When was the date you last worked?
What type of jobs have you worked in past 15 years?
For your most recent job-
Name of employer
Job title
Dates of employment
Job duties
Why did you leave that employment?

Some Social Security judges like to have the claimant testify in great detail about their past relevant work for the past 15 years while other judges will rely more on what’s already in the claimant’s Social Security file which has information on past jobs, earnings history, past employers, job duties etc.
For a Social Security disability claim the claimant has to prove not only that they can not perform their past relevant work due to severe and disabling medical conditions but also have to prove that they can not perform any other jobs based on their age, education, medical conditions, restrictions and limitations.
Generally an older and less educated claimant has a better chance of being found disabled than a younger and betted educated claimant. Of course, the most important factor in a Social Security disablity claim is to have severe and disabling medical conditions that prevent you from doing any work.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney

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