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What Medical Questions Are Asked At The Social Security Disability Hearing?

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

At the Social Security disability hearing the claimant will be asked about their medical conditions, illnesses and injuries by the judge or their attorney, such as:

Describe your illness/injury/condition
Do you experience pain?
Where? How often? How severe?
Do you take medications to relieve pain?
Do you receive regular medical treatment?
What types of treatment?
Medications? Physical therapy? Counseling?
Any side effects from medications?
Have you ever been treated for a mental condition?
Depression? Anxiety? Schizophrenia?
Have you had any hospital ER visits?
Any hospitalizations?
Any surgeries?

When testifying it is most beneficial to give detailed information regarding your disabling medical conditions that prevent you from working so the Social Security disability judge can assess the severity of your medical conditions in determining whether to award you Social Security disability benefits.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney

Follow Your Doctors Treatment Plan When Filing for Social Security Disability

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

When filing for Social Security disability benefits it is very important to follow your doctors advice and treatment plan as your disability claim could be denied by the Social Security Administration for failure to do so. For instance if your medical records indicated that a treating doctor prescribed medications, physical therapy and injections for your back pain but you declined the recommended treatment you could be denied benefits for not following prescribed treatment. The Social Security judge deciding your claim may rule that you refused medical treatment which may have alleviated your back pain and allowed you to get back to work. If you did not have health insurance or money to pay for these treatments you may be able to convince a judge not to hold this against you.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney

Auto Accidents and Medical Treatment

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

When you have sustained injuries in a vehicular accident in Florida you need to seek immediate medical treatment to assess the seriousness of your conditions and to document your accident-related injuries if you have to file a personal injury claim under the at fault party’s bodily injury insurance coverage. Further remember that Florida is a No-Fault state which means if you are fault for causing the collision you can still have your accident-related medical bills covered under your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Regardless of who is at fault you need to seek medical care.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

Doctors and Social Security Disability Claims

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

When filing a Social Security disability claim make sure you discuss early in the process with your treating doctor(s) if they are willing to complete any Medical Source Statements (MSS) that your attorney may want the doctor to complete.

A Medical Source Statement is a form provided by your attorney to be completed by your doctor that has options the doctor can check off and write the basis for their opinions on your limitations and restrictions. For example, a MSS may have questions requesting how many continuous hours a claimant could stand in an eight hour workday or how many days the claimant would miss in a month or how much would the claimant be off task in a work day due to their medical conditions.

Sometimes a doctor will refuse to complete a MSS for the Social Security disability claimant and it is best to know upfront if your doctor will cooperate with you and your attorney in documenting the extent of your medical conditions.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney