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What Daily Activity Questions Are Asked At The Social Security Disability Hearing?

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

At the Social Security disability hearing the claimant will be asked about their daily activities by the judge or their attorney, such as:

Are you licensed to drive?
Do you drive?
Do you have difficulty driving?
Are you able to drive long distances?
What time do you get up in the morning?
What time to you go to sleep?
Do you sleep well at night?
Do you rest during the day?
Do you lie down during the day?
What time do you eat meals?
Do you prepare your own meals?
Are you able to perform the following household chores?
Washing dishes? Washing Clothes? Vacuuming? Making beds?
Take out the garbage? Mow the yard? Do other housework?
Do you take walks?
Do you watch TV?
Do you use a computer?
Do you have difficulties with: Bathing? Showering?
Dressing yourself? Combing your hair? Brushing your teeth?
Do you go shopping?
Do you visit with friends or family?
Do you have young children at home?
Do you take care of any pets?
Do you have difficulty getting along with people?
Are you a member of any clubs, organizations or church?
Are you involved in any of the following recreational activies?
Going to movies? Going out to eat? Sports? Theme Parks?

When testifying you need to provide detailed information about your daily activities to the Social Security disability judge in order to prove that your medical conditions are severe and disabling and prevent you from working.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney