Social Security Disability Hearing

How to present your best case for Social Security disability benefits at your hearing.  Be specific in detailing your limitations, restrictions and problems when testifying to the judge. Always be honest and truthful as all of your testimony is under oath.

When testifying at your Social Security disability hearing you, the claimant, are the most important witness on your own behalf.  Be honest, truthful and forthright in all of your testimony. The judge will make what is known as a credibility determination on whether your testimony at the hearing is supported by the evidence in your file including medical records and various Social Security Administration forms previously completed by you or family members.

Also give specific details and examples of your limitations, restrictions and problems resulting from your disabilities. For example, testifying that you have difficulty walking due to your back pain and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease does not help the judge make a determination as to the seriousness of your medical conditions. But if you truthfully testify that walking 100 feet from your home to your community’s mailbox to pick up your mail and walking back 100 feet to your home would leave you out of breath and you would have to sit down for 10-15 minutes to catch your breath and rest your back due to discomfort this testimony would be more beneficial to the judge in making a Social Security disability determination.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney

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