Doctors and Social Security Disability Claims

When filing a Social Security disability claim make sure you discuss early in the process with your treating doctor(s) if they are willing to complete any Medical Source Statements (MSS) that your attorney may want the doctor to complete.

A Medical Source Statement is a form provided by your attorney to be completed by your doctor that has options the doctor can check off and write the basis for their opinions on your limitations and restrictions. For example, a MSS may have questions requesting how many continuous hours a claimant could stand in an eight hour workday or how many days the claimant would miss in a month or how much would the claimant be off task in a work day due to their medical conditions.

Sometimes a doctor will refuse to complete a MSS for the Social Security disability claimant and it is best to know upfront if your doctor will cooperate with you and your attorney in documenting the extent of your medical conditions.

By James W. Nuebel
Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney

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