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What is stackable UM coverage?

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When purchasing an automobile policy you will encounter many provisions, terms and coverages you may not be familiar with but are very important to understand. One such coverage is UM ( Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist ) coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you against damages from your bodily injuries sustained in an automobile accident where the at fault driver causes the collision but does not have BI ( Bodily Injury ) coverage on their motor vehicle to cover you for your losses from your bodily injuries. Such losses may include out of pocket medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering damages. In this example, you could make an UM claim under your own automobile insurance policy for up to your UM coverage limits for losses sustained from your bodily injuries.

Similarly underinsured motorist coverage protects you against damages from your bodily injuries sustained in an automobile accident where the at fault driver has BI coverage but it is not sufficient to cover all of your losses and damages. In this example, lets assume the at fault driver only carried $10,000 in BI coverage but you have sustained out of pocket medical expenses and wage losses in excess of $20,000, plus pain and suffering damages. You then could make a demand for the at fault drivers $10,000 in BI coverage and make another demand under your underinsured motorist coverage for your bodily injury losses and damages that exceed the $10,000 BI coverage limits up to the limits of your underinsured motorist coverage. When discussing UM coverage with your automobile insurance agent or representative, they will advise you that you will need to purchase BI coverage to be able to purchase UM coverage as well.

Further lets assume your household includes you, your spouse and your adult son who all own motor vehicles. With stackable UM coverage you can pay an additional premium on all three motor vehicles in your household. If you or your family member get in an automobile accident and are injured by the at fault driver, who was uninsured or underinsured for BI coverage, you could add or stack the amount for all three of your UM policies when making an UM claim. When discussing automobile insurance coverage with your agent be sure to purchase stackable UM coverage to provide additional protection for you and your family.

If you have been injured by an uninsured or underinsured at fault driver and you have UM coverage, please call The Nuebel Law Firm today at 407-703-5999 so that we may help and assist you.

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