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Social Security Disability and Medical Treatment

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The claimant has the burden of proof in proving to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that they are disabled under the SSA rules and regulations. The most important evidence that the claimant can produce is their medical records from doctors, medical clinics and hospitals that include doctor's diagnoses, prognoses and opinions, examinations, evaluations, treatments, impairment ratings, diagnostic reports, prescriptions, surgeries and hospitalizations.  
However, most people applying for Social Security disability benefits often have disabling medical and/or psychological conditions but due to not having health insurance and limited income can not afford proper medical care and treatment especially with medical specialists. Thus when applying for Social Security disability benefits these claimants may have very few medical records for the SSA to obtain to document their disabilities. In these instances the SSA may refer the claimant for a Consultative Examination (CE) with a medical provider who will at SSA expense do a medical examination and provide a report to the SSA on the claimant's medical history, prior and current medical treatment and the extent of claimant's conditions and limitations. But the CE's usually do not have the complete medical records on the claimant's when giving their written opinions on claimant's functional limitations. Further the amount of money the SSA pays for these CE's are rather minimal and the CE's therefore only give cursory and limited examinations. Usually the CE's report minimizes the claimant's medical conditions and the CE reports are used as a basis to deny disability benefits.  

Thus it is imperative that Social Security disability claimant's seek medical care and treatment as best they can if they do not have health insurance and limited money to pay cash out of pocket. There are free to low cost medical clinics that will treat low income or no income persons. However the treatment may only consist of a limited examination and  a prescription (which the claimant may be unable fill since that can not pay for it). It can be a vicious and frustrating cycle where the claimant has to prove they are disabled but can not treat with a doctor much less a specialist due to not having health insurance nor the money to pay for needed medical treatment. It is much better for a claimant to only see a doctor evey few months if that is all they can afford to pay (or a spouse, family member or friend can loan you money to pay for treatment) rather than not seeking any medical treatment at all.

If you have any questions about Social Security disability, you can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213, go to their website at www.ssa.gov or call The Nuebel Law Firm. P.A. at 407-703-5999 for a free consultation.

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