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Common Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim May Be Denied

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This article will discuss some of the most typical reasons why your Social Security disability claim may be denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

1)  The SSA Does Not Have Good Contact Information On You
The Social Security Administration (SSA) must have correct contact information for you such as home address and telephone number to be able to communicate with you, schedule medical examinations and get feedback from you on your medical conditions. If you move or change your telephone number without notifying the SSA and they can not get in contact with you to complete your Social Security disability application then your claim may be denied due to inadequate documentation in your file. Further if you have an attorney representing you it should go without saying to keep him or her up to date with any new contact information as well.
2)  You Do Not Cooperate With The SSA
When working up your Social Security disability claim the disability examiner for the SSA will want to order medical records from your medical providers and the claimant needs to cooperate by signing medical authorizations allowing the SSA to obtain your relevant medical records. Further the SSA may schedule one or more Consultative Examinations (CE) with a doctor that the SSA pays for to get information regarding your medical conditions and residual functional limitations. If you refuse to show up for scheduled CE's or refuse to submit to a CE your claim may be denied due to inadequate medical documentation.
3)  You Do Not Follow Your Doctors Prescribed Treatment
If you are treating with a doctor who has prescribed treatment such as therapy and/or prescribed medications and you have the ability to follow the treatment program but refuse to follow the doctors advice you may be denied Social Security disability benefits. For instance if you have depression and your doctor prescribed monthly counseling and prescribed anti-depressants and you declined to keep your appointments or take the medication your claim could be denied as the SSA may take the position that you are not trying to get better and with treatment you would be able to work despite your medical condition. However there are some medical and non-medical reasons  that the SSA would accept for failure to follow prescribed treatment including but not limited to having below normal intelligence that prevents from doing the required treatment, having an intense fear of surgery confirmed by a doctor, you do not have the money or insurance to receive prescribed treatment or you have religious beliefs which prohibit you from having certain medical treatments.     
4)  You Commit Fraud On The SSA
When applying for Social Security disability benefits your claim can be denied for fraud if you submit fraudulent documents or make dishonest statements in order to obtain disability benefits. If you obtained Social Security disability benefits by dishonest or fraudulent means your benefits can be terminated, you could be prosecuted for fraud and have to pay back all benefits illegally obtained.
5)  You Are In Prison Or A Criminal Convict
If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits and are imprisoned after a felony conviction your benefits will be terminated while in prison. If you are injured while committing a felony and are convicted of the felony then you can not use the crime-related injury as a basis for disability benefits or if you were injured while in prison, you can not use the prison-related injury as a basis for disability benefits while incarcerated. But once released from prison you may be eligible for disability benefits if your prison-related condition is serious enough to prevent you from being substantially and gainfully employed.
6)  Your Inability To Work Is Due To Drug Addiction or Alcoholism
When applying for Social Security disability benefits your claim will be denied by the Social Security Administration if your drug addiction or alcoholism is a substantial contributing factor in your inability to work. The SSA has to determine even if you were not a drug addict or alcoholic would you still be unable to work due to other medical conditions. In other words the SSA has to determine even if you stopped using drugs and/or alcohol are there other underlying medical conditions that prevent you from working.
7)  Your Disability Duration Is Not Long Enough
To be eligible for Social Security disability benefits your impairment(s) must be severe enough to prevent you from working 12 consecutive months or will result in your death. If your medical conditions that prevent from working is determined to be less than 12 months then your disability claim will be denied.
There are many others reasons why your Social Security disability claim may be denied such as working and earning too much money, having too much assets and resources or your medical conditions are not severe enough to prevent you from working but this article has highlighted some of the most common reasons.  
If you have any questions about Social Security disability, you can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213, go to their website at www.ssa.gov or call The Nuebel Law Firm, P.A. at 407-703-5999 for a free consultation.

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